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Xinfeng Cable Participates in 134th Canton Fair

Xinfeng Cable Participates in 134th Canton Fair


The first phase of the 134th Canton Fair ended on October 19th.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Canton Fair Information Center, the first phase of the unprecedented gathering of ten thousand merchants, the overall operation of safe and orderly, overseas buyers to participate in the meeting enthusiastically, exhibitors enthusiastic, on-site negotiations and transactions are active, strong and effective service and security, to achieve the current session of the Canton Fair, “the opening of the red”.




1.Scale expansion and structure optimization.


This year’s Canton Fair optimized the exhibition structure, the first phase of home appliances, consumer electronics, machinery and equipment, new energy and other electromechanical products, the size of the exhibition area increased significantly by about 3,000 booths, an increase of more than 18%, to provide more high-tech, high-value-added enterprises to provide exhibitors with the opportunity to display more innovative, high-end, intelligent, green products. Among them, the scale of the new energy zone increased by 172%, further helping the “new three kinds” of products to expand exports and promote the development of emerging industries.


2.Overseas buyers have come to the conference enthusiastically.


As of October 19th, over 100,000 overseas buyers, from 210 countries and regions around the world, arrived offline, a significant increase in the number of visitors compared with the same period of the 133rd session. Exhibitors generally believe that overseas buyers are more willing to place orders and are expected to reach more cooperation in the future. Among them, nearly 70,000 buyers came from the countries of “One Belt, One Road”, an increase of 65.2% compared with the same period of the 133rd session, and the Canton Fair has achieved remarkable results in promoting the smooth flow of trade among the countries of “One Belt, One Road”.


3.the online platform operated smoothly.


Exhibitors uploaded more than 2.7 million exhibits on the official website of Canton Fair, including more than 700,000 new products. Since September 16, the cumulative number of visitors has reached 6.67 million, of which 86% are from abroad. The online platform is running safely and smoothly.


4.the trade promotion activities are brilliant.


This year’s Canton Fair has successfully held a total of 40 “Trade Bridge” global trade docking activities, organizing precise matchmaking between supply and procurement sides. 177 events were organized for the debut of new products and exhibitions. The Canton Fair Design and Innovation Award (CF Award) displayed 141 award-winning products of the year 2023 online and offline, of which the offline showroom attracted nearly 1,500 visits per day. A total of 71 design companies from 6 countries and regions participated in the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC).


The second phase of the 134th Canton Fair will be held on October 23-27, focusing on 15 exhibition areas in 3 major sectors, namely housewares, gifts and decorations, building materials and furniture, with 9,674 offline exhibitors, including 202 exhibitors in the Import Exhibition, from 29 countries and regions. Canton Fair will continue to increase the invitation of buyers, optimize the supporting services, and provide a better environment for trade negotiations for global exhibitors. We warmly welcome the global business community to participate in the Canton Fair, share opportunities and seek common development.


Xinfeng Cable: Making Waves as a Leading Cable Manufacturer at the 134th Canton Fair


The Canton Fair is renowned for being a melting pot of innovation, industry leadership, and global networking. Among the standout exhibitors at the 134th Canton Fair, Xinfeng Cable has emerged as a notable player in the cable manufacturing sector. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation was on full display, solidifying its reputation as a professional cable manufacturer.


aluminum cable

Diverse Cable Solutions on Show:


Xinfeng Cable showcased an impressive range of cable products, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability across various industries. Among the highlights were their Medium voltage cables, Low voltage cables, Aerial Cables, Overhead Conductors, Electrical Wires and Solar cables. These high-quality cable solutions have gained the trust of customers worldwide, and their display at the Canton Fair underscored Xinfeng Cable’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of each sector.


Global Recognition:


Xinfeng Cable’s participation in the Canton Fair was more than just a presence; it was a statement of global intent. With an established global reach and a strong focus on quality, the company aims to extend its influence and forge partnerships with industry leaders on an international scale.


Growing Customer Base:


Xinfeng Cable is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a substantial number of new customers during the Canton Fair. The event served as a dynamic platform for the company to showcase its exceptional cable solutions and attract a diverse clientele. The positive response from customers reaffirms Xinfeng Cable’s commitment to quality and innovation.


Professional Engagement:


The Canton Fair was not just a trade show; it was a stage for professional negotiations. Xinfeng Cable engaged in constructive and fruitful discussions with potential clients, addressing their unique cable requirements and providing tailored solutions. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and industry expertise was evident in every interaction.


Knowledge Sharing:


Xinfeng Cable values knowledge sharing as a means of promoting excellence within the industry. The fair presented an ideal forum for the company to share its professional insights and expertise with industry peers. These knowledge exchanges are integral to the industry’s growth and development.



Xinfeng Cable’s success at the Canton Fair is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The event was a platform for building lasting relationships with customers and peers alike. As a professional cable manufacturer, Xinfeng Cable looks forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in the dynamic world of cable solutions.




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