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Xinfeng Cable will participate in the 135th Canton Fair and Guide to Exhibiting at the Canton Fair

Xinfeng Cable will participate in the 135th Canton Fair And Guide to Exhibiting at the Canton Fair


Date: 15~19,April,2024

Time: 9:30~18:00

Location: Pazhou International Exhibition Center

Booth Number: Area C, Hall 16.3, Booth I19



Guide to Exhibiting at the Canton Fair

  1. Guidelines on Working and Living in China for Foreign Business Persons (2024 Edition):
  2. Guidelines on Payment Services for Foreign Nationals Arriving in Guangdong:
  3. Canton Fair Customer Contact Centre: +86 20 28 888 999

135th Canton Fair Xinfeng Cable

As “China’s No.1 Fair”, China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Canton Fair”) is the largest and most comprehensive international trade fair in China. During the Canton Fair, high-quality enterprises from various provinces and overseas merchants from more than 200 countries and regions visit Guangzhou, and their consumption brings a strong pull effect on Guangzhou’s economy, especially on the business services industry, accommodation industry, wholesale and retail business industry, and residential services and other services. According to the author’s estimation, the biannual Canton Fair’s economic pull on Guangzhou can reach 1% to 4% of Guangzhou’s GDP. Not only that, the important value of the Canton Fair is also reflected in the generation of new quality productivity. Canton Fair is not only an important representative of the high-quality leap of China’s productivity, but also a demonstration scene of innovative allocation of production factors.


Canton Fair has witnessed China’s industry shift from quantitative growth to qualitative growth and sustainable development, and is the “barometer” for the rapid development of China’s strategic emerging industries. In recent years, the proportion of buyers and exhibitors from emerging markets in Canton Fair has been increasing, and the structure of participating products has been optimised year by year. More and more Chinese enterprises are focusing on strengthening independent research and development, and focusing on the integration of design and technology. From the relatively low value-added, labour-intensive traditional “old three” export products (clothing, home appliances, furniture) gradually upgraded and iterated to the current high-tech, high value-added, green and low-carbon “new three” export products (electric people mover, lithium batteries, solar batteries), Canton Fair exhibits products structure optimization year by year, the proportion of emerging market buyers and exhibitors at Canton Fair has been increasing. In 2023, the 134th Canton Fair (Autumn) has expanded its exhibits to include new energy vehicles and intelligent travel, new materials and chemical products, and other exhibition topics, and high-tech products representing new productivity have made a big splash. According to the data, the 134th Canton Fair further optimised the structure of exhibits, with more than 200 new product debuts, exhibitors brought about 680,000 pieces of new exhibits, of which about 100,000 pieces of new exhibits of new energy, industrial automation and other new products with high technological content and high value-addedness.


The Canton Fair has built a platform for showcasing and promoting innovation, and has played a catalytic role in accelerating the construction of an advanced productivity paradigm of science and technology, high efficiency and high quality. For example, during the 134th Canton Fair, 28,533 high-quality domestic enterprises displayed new products, and independent brands and innovative designs attracted the attention of overseas merchants. Canton Fair is committed to promoting China’s export product innovation, through the establishment of export product design awards (CF Award) to cultivate the spirit of originality and competitive advantage in foreign trade, in China’s export product innovation and design continue to play a leading role in the effect. As China’s foreign trade continues to explore the international market through innovation and development, Canton Fair is also increasing its attention to and protection of intellectual property rights, thus becoming a comprehensive intellectual property rights protection highland. The 133rd Canton Fair further enriched the professional force, invited experts from relevant national, provincial and municipal departments to participate in the Canton Fair’s intellectual property rights and trade disputes complaint reception station, forming a “whole chain” protection system of intellectual property rights before, during and after the exhibition. Under the concept of displaying innovation, encouraging innovation and protecting innovation, Canton Fair leads China’s foreign trade to accelerate innovation and transformation, promotes innovation as the source of enterprise development, and accelerates the upgrading process of the development path of productive forces.


Canton Fair allows Chinese brands to go global, and as an important window and cultural name card for China’s foreign display, it fully embodies the high level of internationalisation and opening up to the outside world. During the 134th Canton Fair, the design innovation of new Chinese aesthetics and the technological innovation of patented products have become the two major tools to capture foreign businessmen, reflecting the cultural confidence and technological leadership of Chinese brands. Canton Fair has witnessed the emergence of Chinese brands from scratch, from weak to strong, and then to the world, which is reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, from OEM to ODM, and gradually developed to the creation of enterprises’ own brands, and then to today’s new energy automobile and other strategic emerging industries in the global leadership, Canton Fair has witnessed the development of China’s from “Made in China” to “Made by China”. China’s “Made in China” to “Made in China” history of change, presenting a clear trajectory of the evolution of foreign trade upgrading; on the other hand, from the early price advantage as the main competitiveness of exports to Europe and the United States developed countries market, to the current cost-effective as the prominent advantage of the gradual shift to the “Belt and Road” co-construction In the 67 years since the Canton Fair was launched, there have been many changes in the world, but the Canton Fair has never been suspended, which is the cultural symbol of the Canton Fair of “opening up to the outside world” and “daring to be the first in the world”, as well as the bottom line of the Canton Fair’s continuous and long-term promotion of the development of the new quality of productive forces.

Canton Fair plays the role of social leadership and benchmarking demonstration, and serves as the fulcrum to pry China’s industrial greening and industrial digital transformation.

135th Canton Fair-Xinfeng Cable

Xinfeng Cable has been at the forefront of the wire and cable industry, adapting and evolving to meet the ever-growing demands of local industries. Fueled by a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we have consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies, expanding our product offerings and enhancing our capabilities. By staying ahead of market trends, we ensure that our customers benefit from the latest advancements and can effectively navigate dynamic industry landscapes.

XINFENG CABLE is thrilled to extend a special invitation to you to visit us at the upcoming Canton Fair! Your presence at our booth would be invaluable as we showcase our products and discuss potential business collaborations.

We are eager to share how our high-quality products can benefit your business and address your specific needs.

We believe that face-to-face interactions are essential for building strong relationships, and we are excited about the prospect of meeting you in person.
We look forward to welcoming you at the Canton Fair and exploring ways to collaborate for mutual success.



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