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SNE Concentric Cable

Power Distribution Network SNE Concentric Cable by Xinfeng Cable


The concentric cable is used as electric service entrance from the power distribution network until the meter panel (especially where it is required to prevent “black” losses or electric power robbery), and as feeder cable from the meters panel until the panel or general distribution panel, just as it is specified in the National Electrical Code.

This type of conductor can be used in dry and wet places, directly buried or outdoors; its maximum temperature of operation is 90 ºC and its voltage of service for all the applications is 600 V.

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SANS 1507-6.

SNE Concentric Cable with communication conductor


Phase Conductor: Plain stranded hard drawn copper wire

Phase Insulation: XLPE

Neutral conductor : Plain annealed solid copper wire

Neutral insulation : PE

Communication core conductor : Plain annealed solid copper wire

Communication core insulation : PE

Earth Conductor: Plain annealed solid copper wire

Binder tape : Polyester tape

Sheath : PE

Ripcord: Nylon


  • Rated voltages U0/U: 600/1000V.
    Note:U0 :Rated power-frequency voltage between conductor and earth or armour, metal sheath or screen for which the cable is suitable.
    U :Rated power-frequency voltage between phase conductors for which the cable is suitable.
  • The ambient temperature for installation: ≥0℃
    Maximum conductor temperature in normal operation:≤90℃
  • Test Voltage: 3.0kV 5min No Breakdown, according to SANS 1507-6.
    Max operating temperature of con. When cable short-circuited(5s maximum duration): 250℃.
  • Permissible minimum bending radius: 8 x OD.
    Note: OD. =Overall Diameter of Cable


Phase Conductor Structure
No./ mm
Phase XLPE Insulation
Nominal Thickness
Earth Conductor Structure
No./ mm
Neutral Conductor
No./ mm
Communication core Conductor Structure
No./ mm
PE SheathNominal Thickness
Approx. Weight
7/0.92 1 3/1.05 7/0.86 2/1.13 1.4 168
7/1.35 1 3/1.78 7/1.33 2/1.13 1.6 334
7/1.70 1 3/2.20 7/1.76 2/1.13 1.6 502


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