XinFeng Cable produce the cable for rated voltage from 300V to 36KV, covering conductor size from 0.5mm2 to 1400mm2.


XinFeng Cable China Manufacturer

Strong R&D and manufacturing capacity more than 25 years, manufacturing electric wire and cable from rated voltage of 300voltage up to 36KV, bare conductors (AAC/AAAC/ ACSR/ACAR/ACAR/AW/Galvanized steel wires, etc.), aerial cables, Electric wires, Electric equipment cables, Control Cable, Special cables, etc.

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XinFeng Cable produce electric wire and cable according to different standard, such as IEC, VDE, EN, ASTM, Australian standard, BS, CSA, CCITT, DIN, GB, IEC, JIS, NFC, UL, etc. Also customization service is offered.

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From the farthest power station to the nearest power supply for household appliances, XinFeng Cable provides high-quality products and professional services for power transmission and distribution.

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